Kustimork is now I-enabled!

Just got a spiffy new iPod touch and I’m loving the apps! Just a little test here to see how I’m liking the wordpress one. New pictures comin soon!


The Goon in Oil

I’ve been doing a lot in oil lately! Here are a few of my latest completed works.

The Goon and Franky. Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20″

If you don’t read Eric Powel’s Goon, go to your local comic store and buy it now! Its comedic blend of mobsters, zombies, mad scientists and the bizarre is fantastic!

Captain H – Oil on wood 18 x 24″

A mysterious chap, highly decorated in the airship division of the Queens army.

Mad Dok

Started work on my Mad Dok Grotsnik to accompany my Mega Nobs. I’m still deciding on the pose but one thing I do know, he will have a massive syringe!

Lord Rockbottom and Dirty Meg

Back to what I’ve gotten done lately! Warmachine! I’ve been having a blast playing since the new edition and its helped me get a lot of models done. Presenting, Lord Rockbottom.














I have to say, Mark II is way smoother, easier to play and a heck of a lot more fun. I admit I whined and complained about all the stuff they took away from certain figures, (still a few things bug me) but now I see it was for the best. The new ability icons make game play a breeze too. To fix my Warjacks, Dirty Meg!

Honoured Imperium Orkified!

The moment I saw the Space marine statue finally solicited I knew that it had a future in my scenery collection. It was a bit difficult to decide where to stop with the conversion to an Ork. I wanted it completely recognizable as a Marine but obviously modified by some fantaic Grots. I dug into the bitz box and came out with this. Let me know what you think. Wuaagh!

Orkified Space Marine Statue

New Brush!

I’ve gotten back into the painting swing, completing 2 solo warmachine models which I think are the 2 best models I’ve ever painted. I can honestly say that its the brush picking up the slack. I splurged on a Winsor and Newton Series 7 #0 kolinsky sable brush and its like night and day. Like one day someone took away my bent butter knife and gave me a sonic screwdriver! A word of advice though when buying one. Always buy in person and not over the internet. Each brush is hand made and so some will be slightly more perfect than others. A cool feature with the series is that every size all the way up  to  #10 will point to the same tiny tip meaning you could paint your miniature just the same with the largest brush! But with a list price of $430 dollars I think I’ll stick to a #1. Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable brushes are a definite recommend!


Finally painted up some possessed I built ages ago. They use some Tyranid, Chaos spawn, and Mage Knight bits. See those Mage Knight figures do come in handy!

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